Starting Your Publishing Journey: A Beginner's Guide

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Every writer begins their writing journey with the question, where do I start?

Writing the book is half the battle, the other half is the publishing process.

When I published my first book (KaleStone), I knew nothing about publishing and paid Amazon $3,000 to handle publishing for me. Now I have published several books (The Backup Superhero, The Original Superheroes, and Anywhere Else) for free, received several publishing contracts, and continue to grow my audience across several mediums. Starting Your Publishing Journey: A Beginners Guide covers everything I wish I would have known before I published my first book (and spent $3000 on it).

A New Era for Writers!

We are now in an era where writers have numerous options to publish their work. This brings many questions and unknowns to the publishing process.

  • Do I go with traditional publishing or the self-publishing route?
  • How do I get a publisher to publish my book?
  • How do I make a cover?
  • How do I find an agent?
  • How do I market my book?
  • How do I find new readers?
  • Where do I self-publish my book?
  • How do I get on Amazon or in book stores?
  • How do I publish my book myself for free?

Many writers don't know what an author's platform is or the importance of building their brand as an author. This is the very first and most important step in the publishing process. Starting Your Publishing Journey: A Beginner's Guide helps you build your author platform to publish your book while pulling in new readers and growing your author brand.

Starting Your Publishing Journey: A Beginner's Guide teaches you:

  • How to write a great synopsis for your book
  • How to build your author platform and brand.
  • The differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing
  • How to get traditionally published
    • The publishing process includes finding agents and querying them
    • What a publisher and agent are going to expect you to already have and do
  • How to self publish
    • What services can help you self publish
    • How to make important decisions for self-publishing
    • About free resources, you can use for every step
  • How to market your book
    • Building an author website
    • Building an email list
      • How to keep content fresh
      • Different types of campaigns and emails to send
      • How to grow your subscribers
    • How to use social media to market your brand and books
    • How to use paid advertising
  • Worksheets and resources are provided to help with each section

What will you gain after this course?
After going through Starting Your Publishing Journey: A Beginner's Guide you will know how to publish your first book (or next book) and grow your audience so it ends up in your reader's hands. You will be able to do all of this on your own for free or using relatively cheap solutions.

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Starting Your Publishing Journey: A Beginner's Guide

0 ratings
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